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Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Food Delivery in the Ottawa Valley this Summer

I think we can all agree, summer eats are the best eats. You've got ribs, you've got pasta salads, you've got burgers, and most importantly, you've got ice cream and lots of it! We wait out the cold every year just to enjoy a few months of sun, outdoor living, and outdoor eating. At Valley Eats, we have have a food delivery service that's built for summer. That's right hungry people of the Valley, you can enjoy your favourite foods, delivered from your favourite spots, in the outdoor summer location of your choosing (Or, you know, from the comfort of your AC if that's your thing. We're not here to judge, just here to feed you!) But if you're like us, you're soaking up every minute of warm weather outdoors and that includes enjoying all your meals outside. We've compiled our top 5 locations to enjoy food delivery this summer. Just download the Valley Eats App, place your order, and get ready to dine al fresco.


Let's start with the quintessential summer experience: poolside hangouts. Picture yourself on a hot day, floating in the pool, cold drink in hand, and a freshly placed Valley Eats order ready for delivery. Your lunch is on its way and you can enjoy your favourite local foods from the comfort of your patio chairs or pool floatie. Many of our partners also have kid-friendly options so poolside dining with Valley Eats can be a family affair!

Our favourite poolside foods: Burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and smoothies.

We also recommend: Blow-up floaties (doughnuts and flamingos are our personal faves) and mixed drinks in fun, plastic cups.

Picnic in the Park.

Ok, there's nothing quite like folding a blanket, packing a picnic basket and heading to your favourite park to enjoy some outdoor time with good food, friends, and family. Except, in this scenario, you just bring your picnic basket and we'll take care of packing the food! Picnics in the park courtesy of Valley Eats are one of our favourite ways to spend time outside. Our food delivery service can bring you your favourite hot or cold meals from local restaurants for you to devour on your summer picnics. Just pack yourself some fresh lemonade, a frisbee, and maybe a good book to read and you're all set.

Our favourite picnic foods: Sandwiches, salads, and some sweet treats.

We also recommend: A big blanket or some chairs so you can be comfy in the park and lots of water to hydrate! And don't forget your picnic basket, even if it's not filled with food.

Beach Day.

Sunscreen at the ready. Beach bag packed with towels and toys. Beach snacks? Ordered through Valley Eats! Hey parents, we see you. We know you have enough things on your beach day to-do list without the additional task of figuring out food. We can help with that. Our partners have food options to please all ages. Plus, our drivers will deliver it hot (or cold depending on your order) so you don't have to worry about packing a cooler. Enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Ottawa Valley and the yummy food from Valley restaurants this summer. You can order from the app while at the beach or ahead of time. Just select the time you'd like your food delivered to you!

Our favourite beach foods: We have to go with fries on this one. Our runners up are sandwiches, hot dogs, and burgers.

We also recommend: Lots of toys for the kids, extra sunscreen, and your camera (or phone) to capture all those summer memories!

By the Water.

Want to enjoy your dinner by the water but you don't exactly have a waterfront property to make that happen? Enter Valley Eats! Head to the nearest waterfront park or marina, place your order, and enjoy! If it's within our delivery radius, we'll bring it to you. Riverside, lakeside, pond side, we're here to help your waterfront dining wishes come true this summer.

Our favourite waterfront dining food: Fish and chips, gourmet pizzas and flatbreads, and burgers (I guess burgers are an all-around summer food).

We also recommend: Inviting friends (don't forget social distancing!) or making a date night out of it. Hello summer romance!

Backyard patio.

Summer dinner party, courtesy of Valley Eats. Throw a dinner party for those in your bubble (or with social distancing precautions in place). Set the scene with candles, dinner plates, and some good tunes, we'll deliver the main attraction! Order your favourite local foods and we'll bring them to you for the ultimate backyard dinner party.

Our favourite backyard party foods: Pizza, BBQ, and some yummy apps!

We also recommend: Order some wine or beer with your food, or mix up a pitcher of your favourite cocktails. A bon fire (if possible) can also keep your party going.

Are you hungry for outdoor dining this summer? Valley Eats food delivery service can make that happen. If it's within our delivery zone, we can help make your summer dining easy, hassle free, and delicious! Download the app to plan your first outdoor meal today.

The Valley Eats Team

Special thanks to Brian Walters Photography for these photos and our models/venue hosts (Time in the Valley, Awe Yoga, Peak Hot Yoga, Eighty Six & Elm).

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