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A Collaborative Approach to Food Delivery

At Valley Eats, we’ve built our business on the foundation of collaboration. Mutually beneficial collaboration with our restaurant partners. Collaboration with our local communities. Collaboration with organizations.

We are proud that we’ve built a model that helps restaurants grow their business and customer base, particularly during the pandemic when restaurants are being hit the hardest. We are proud to be a small town business, specializing in small town food delivery. We care about small communities because we’re from a small community. We care about small town partnerships because we know that collaboration between local parties means that we both have a shared vision: of supporting local, of eating local, and of making sure our local businesses and communities thrive.

We have always believed that when we plan and take action with collaboration in mind, good things will happen for everyone. One particular collab we’ve been very excited about is our work with local towns, BIAs, and CFDCs. More specifically, we have worked with the Town of Smiths Falls DBA, The Downtown Pembroke BIA, The Town of Perth, and our current partnership with the Valley Heartland Community Futures Development Corporation.

A majority of these partnerships centred one main thing: Helping local restaurants with the onboarding process in order for them to access our service as quickly and easily as possible. This meant that they were available to a wider audience and customer pool through the Valley Eats App and that their respective communities could support local restaurants while staying safe at home.

We know that COVID-19 has presented many challenges for the restaurant industry, especially during times of lockdown when only takeout is available. Many of our restaurant partners, and local restaurants in general, don’t have the means, ability, or desire to offer in-house delivery. That’s where we come in.

Utilizing our service allows businesses to save money and time when it comes to taking orders, customer support, driver staffing, and management. These are all things we take care of for our partners when orders are placed. Setting up a similar system of their own would be much more costly to install and maintain.

The groups that we’ve partnered with (as mentioned above) were excited to support their local restaurant scene, especially during this time. Investing in small businesses, specifically locally owned restaurants, is an investment in the community, the local culture, and the local economy.

The more restaurant options a town has, and the more delivery options available, the richer the town becomes, both financially and culturally. We know that our town and organizational partners would agree that supporting local restaurants during this time is a priority. We’re thrilled to be a local business that can be part of this solution.

Dan and Ryan

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