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Built with restaurants in mind.

Your success is our top priority. After having listened to the real needs of many restaurant owners, we have created a system that easily integrates into the daily operation of our restaurants. 



It's not complicated. 

The Valley Eats integrated platform was built from the ground up for you. With input from restaurant owners, a platform was created to be fully customizable to their needs. 

With options like Halt Order, Order Ready ETA, Menu Item Entry and more, you have full control of the way your restaurant operates with our delivery system.


Information is the key.

Valley Eats provides restaurants with the information they need at the tap of a screen.


How great would it be to easily see popular menu items, busy times of the day or even how many orders received at any given date/time?


With our platform, this information is given to the restaurants in real time. Learn what your customers want and when they want it with the analytics Valley Eats provides.



If you make it, they will come

Valley Eats makes it easier than ever to create NEW menu items, or even make changes to existing ones.


With the ability to customize any menu item from times of availability to quantities or even limit to dine in only. Our menu system can do it all in one place.


Staying on top of what's important.

With every order that comes in, the Valley Eats restaurant platform makes it easy to see all current and past orders in one place.

When an order is placed through Valley Eats, a notification is sent to the restaurant unit, letting them know what delicious food was just ordered. If an order is left longer than 5 minutes, the notification will change colour to red, indicating that an order has not been confirmed.

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Valley Eats helps restaurants save money by eliminating the  transaction fees (2.5 to 4%), on all orders placed through the Valley Eats app. 

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