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Beyond simply delivering food, Valley Eats is set on empowering local communities, supporting charitable organizations, and creating a healthy work environment for its employees. 

Valley Eats community work

Our Story

It's pretty simple: we were hungry. 

Hungry, and also very busy - too busy to step away and grab a quick bite somewhere. In that moment we recognized a need in our community: food delivery.


From there we built an app, partnered with a handful of restaurants, and set out on a pretty cool adventure that's landed us where we are today. 

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Mission & Values

Interested in learning more about why we do what we do? 

We've highlighted some of our key culture points to give you a taste of what we're about.

Meet the Team

Meet some of the people have helped build Valley Eats Inc. into the company it is today

Community Partnerships

Nothing is more important to us than giving back. Take a look at some of the charities and events we've supported over the years.

Fun Facts
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