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Restaurants in Smiths Falls You Have to Try!

And we can help you do it.

Are you hungry Smiths Falls? Of course you are, because it's summer, and outdoor dining is at its peak right now. Or, if summer isn't your thing, there's nothing quite like ordering your food in and eating it from the comfort of your heavily air conditioned living room while binging the latest series on TV. We can help you out no matter what your ideal way to eat is! Valley Eats food delivery service has officially expanded to serve the community of Smiths Falls and we have some wicked local restaurant partners ready to feed you. If you haven't yet, you can download our app here and then when you're ready, simply create an account and place your first order.

Here are our current Smiths Falls restaurant partners. We don't know how you're going to choose where to order from first!

Owned and operated by Amy McNeilly, The Vault Eatery & Pub is located at the corner of Beckwith & Russell Streets. As this location was once a bank and there are still two very large antique vault doors on the main floor, Amy felt the name fitting.

Hungry Highlights: The Vault serves a combo of straight-up pub grub, gourmet sandwiches, and more elevated mains, making it the perfect place to order from if you have a group who cannot decide what kind of food they're craving.

Photo taken from The Vault.

Harvest Social

Eat, drink, and enjoy with these fresh favourites from Harvest Social. A small but yummy selection of fresh menu items makes this the perfect order-in place for lunch or a light dinner.

Hungry highlights: Fresh salads and gourmet sandwich options. This just might be your new go-to spot to order in lunch. Plus, don't forget dessert (haha nobody forgets dessert!). Add some baked goods onto your order and enjoy a sweet treat.

Photo taken from Harvest Social

The Pickled Pig Market and Eatery is a specialty food store in downtown Smiths Falls offering frozen take home meals, a selection of high quality Charcuterie and Cheese, and a delicious menu of sandwiches, salads, and soups. And the best part? Both their meal selection and their specialty items are available for delivery or pick-up through Valley Eats!

Hungry highlights: Two words; Unreal. Sandwiches. With names like the Cheese Stands Alone, The Piggy Back, and more, you know this is not your average selection of sandwiches. You can get them in a combo or on their own. You can also order, and should, the adult lunchable (or a number of other charcuterie-to-go options). Finally, you can order crackers, jams, condiments, and confections from their market. Speciality food items, delivered to you! Are you hungry yet?

Photo taken from The Pickled Pig.

We're rounding off our list with a sweet one! C'est Tout Bakery turns out great coffee, tea, breakfast, lunch and daily made-from-scratch baked goods including bread, cakes, cupcakes, desserts and more. Everything is made from scratch onsite or sourced from other local professionals in the food industry.

Hungry Highlights: Nothing is better than a fresh sandwich from a bakery, and C'est Tout has plenty to choose from. Also on the menu are a selection of soups, salads, and even, a crowd favourite, the Budha Bowl. What is perhaps most notable though, is the vast selection of treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. From hot desserts like waffles, to baked goods such as pie or brownies, you cannot place an order here without grabbing a little something sweet on the side. You can even order an ice cream float if you're feeling nostalgic! Treat yourself.

Photo taken from C'est Tout

Craving some fast food?

We can help with that too! McDonald's, Subway, and Harvey's/Swiss Chalet are available on the Valley Eats app.

We're thrilled to expand our food delivery service to the community of Smiths Falls. We are excited to partner with these great restaurants and can't wait to deliver some great food, straight to your doorstep.

Stay hungry Smiths Falls,

The Valley Eats Team

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