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Perks Plus: All About Our Loyalty Program

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Big Changes

Thanks to our loyal customers and amazing restaurant partners, we’re celebrating our 3rd anniversary! To make reaching this milestone special, we’ve decided to expand your Valley Eats experience with a 30-day free-trial of our, fancy new loyalty program - Perks Plus. This will give you access to more Perks Points, VIP deals and surprises, and unlimited FREE delivery on qualifying orders. Who knows, maybe you’ll even become friends with our mascot, Sal the Sasquatch (but probably not, he’s quite shy).

First, What Are Perks Points?

You may or may not have noticed that for every order you place, you earn Perks Points. This happens automatically - no enrolment or subscription necessary. These little guys add up faster than you think and before you know it you can redeem them starting at $5 worth of points. Who doesn’t like free money?

Perks are great, so what is “Perks Plus”?

Basically, Perks Plus is

  • FREE DELIVERY on qualifying orders (indicated at the top of the participating restaurant's menu)

  • Constant 3X Perks Points Multiplier

  • Additional rewards through badges

  • Access to special discounts and promotions

With Perks Plus you earn 3x the points for every dollar spent, and with participating restaurants you can get FREE DELIVERY and additional rewards through earning badges. That means you save on delivery, earn extra points on every order, get access to special offers, and have the chance to gain additional bonuses. Not bad at all, eh?

Wait, what are “badges”?

Our Perks Badges are a fun little way to reward your loyalty and award-winning taste. A badge can be earned through meeting a unique set of requirements, in the form of orders - with some of the badges offering rewards for Perks Plus members from participating restaurants!

Sounds fun! How do I join?

It’s easy, and the first 30 days are FREE! Opt-in and cancel any time. All you have to do is tap on your profile in the app, go to “Valley Eats Perks” and sign up using the steps that follow. In about three minutes you’ll be on your way to enjoying the luxury of free delivery, earning loads of points, accessing discounts, and earning surprise bonuses. After the initial 30 day period, a subscription only costs $11.95+hst/month.

Thanks for an awesome three years and, of course, bon appétit!

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