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Nomada Tacos: Bringing a Taste of Mexico to Downtown Pembroke

Valley Eats is thrilled to highlight one of our restaurant partners, Nomada Tacos, a unique Mexican restaurant located in downtown Pembroke on Church Street. With a passion for cooking and a love for Mexican cuisine, the owners have created a truly one-of-a-kind restaurant. When asked about the inspiration behind Nomada, Jordan, one of the owners, revealed that he had worked at an amazing Mexican-inspired restaurant in Toronto for many years. He fell in love with Mexican food and the owner took him to Mexico to learn some traditional cooking techniques. This experience allowed him to pursue his passion and open his own restaurant.

At Nomada, the tacos are easily their best-seller. However, they have a unique play on a quesadilla that customers also love. What sets Nomada apart from other restaurants is its unique flavours and atmosphere. It feels like a little piece of Mexico when you dine in with them. Sunshine, tacos, and tequila are the perfect combination to make anyone feel like they're on a Mexican vacation.

Running an independent restaurant in a small rural community like Pembroke/Petawawa has its challenges. Since Nomada is a niche restaurant, it can take time for people to discover their food. However, word of mouth has been huge for them, with customers recommending their food all over Canada! Some customers have even shared that they traveled from out of the country to eat there. The owners believe that being passionate about what they do and always offering fresh, scratch-made food is what attracts such an incredible fan base.

Nomada opened during COVID and became a partner of Valley Eats shortly after. Opening

during the pandemic brought its own set of challenges. However, they were able to adapt and offer a new place for takeout during a time when people couldn't dine out. They have now expanded to offer dine-in options, and hope to offer a small patio during the summer months and some cool events in the future!

The owners of Nomada are so proud of their team. They have an awesome front-of-house manager, Andrew, who was nominated for best server in the MyFM Spirit awards. Customers love him and he helps make Nomada the special place it is. Jordan's wife, and co-owner, Vanessa, is also an integral part of the team. She is a fantastic mother and community nurse, and she helps at the shop with whatever spare time she has.

Valley Eats is proud to partner with Nomada and bring their delicious Mexican food to our customers. We highly recommend you try their tacos and unique quesadilla and enjoy the ambiance that transports you to a little piece of Mexico. Thank you, Nomada, for being such an amazing restaurant partner!

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