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Pauline Lacroix

Valley Eats Courier



Meet Pauline Lacroix from Pembroke! Our OUTSTANDING Courier of the Month for July. Since December 2020, Pauline has embodied the true spirit of Valley Eats with her unwavering dedication and reliability. As one of our exceptional afternoon couriers, she always steps in to lend a helping hand whenever challenges arise.

What sets Pauline apart is her genuine love for bringing joy to our customers' faces. When asked about her role at Valley Eats, she expressed, "The best part of my job is that everyone is always happy to see me when I bring them food. I enjoy the pleasantries of dealing with the customers." It's this delightful enthusiasm and connection with our customers that make Pauline shine.

Her passion for creating memorable experiences shines through her interactions with our amazing customers. Congratulations, Pauline, on this well-deserved recognition! Together, with our exceptional couriers, Valley Eats continues to make a positive impact on our community, one delicious delivery at a time.

Pauline Lacroix
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