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Valley Eats employee working


Valley Eats’ goal is to provide convenience and variety through the use of mobile solutions to cater to the current trends of food delivery and enjoyment, making local restaurants more accessible to all.
We are looking for individuals who are willing to try something NEW and INNOVATIVE.

Dispatch Analyst


The Dispatch Analyst role gets to do all the FUN stuff


  • Receive and record significant information

  • Address problems and requests by transmitting information or providing solutions

  • Receive and dispatch orders to restaurants or couriers

  • Prioritize calls according to urgency and importance

  • Use a phone or computer to send couriers to appropriate locations

  • Monitor the route and status of couriers to coordinate and prioritize their ETA

  • Provide couriers with information about orders, traffic, obstacles, and requirements

  • Enter data in the computer system and maintain logs and records of calls, activities and other information


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