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Valley Eats App: A Community-Focused Food Delivery Service

Updated: May 8, 2020

As a small business, we are dedicated to our Ottawa Valley community because we’re from the Valley. We care about our restaurant partners and especially now, with the restrictions and regulations set in response to COVID-19, we know that our partners need our support. We have worked very hard to adapt to evolving rules to serve our restaurant partners and consumers as best we can. We want to assure our community that we have always operated from a community mindset. We also want to shed light on what Valley Eats does and how we operate as a small, local business.

  • In our first year in business, we put 90% of all revenue into local restaurants and community.

  • We often market and celebrate our local restaurant partners through our various marketing channels at no cost to them.

  • Our restaurant user fees are minimal in comparison to large scale delivery apps.

  • We are proud to be creating jobs for people across the Valley, with 9 permanent jobs and 85+ flexible driver roles across our service areas. And in a time when layoffs and cutbacks have become normal, we're glad to be able to provide employment opportunities for our community.

  • We’re honoured to be able to support local charitable initiatives by donating convenience fees to a number of important causes. We’re currently donating our convenience fees this week to the Robbie Dean Centre in support of mental health week.

  • Utilizing our service allows businesses to save money and time when it comes to taking orders, customer support, driver staffing and management. These are all things we take care of for our partners when orders are placed. Setting up a similar system of their own would also be much more costly to install and maintain.

Food delivery services have recently been getting a lot of negative attention in the news. Big 3rd party delivery companies have been scrutinized for their high fees. As a company, we pride ourselves on not hiding any of our fees from restaurants. We stand by the statement "no extra fees or hidden fees." There is a lot of strong messaging around abandoning the apps in favour of purchasing directly from restaurants themselves, especially during these hard financial times. In a nutshell, these companies are being accused of not supporting local restaurants or workers. We only operate from a place of support for our partners and staff.

We are a small business operating in small communities. We are two local guys that wanted to address a gap in service delivery that would benefit small and local restaurants and bring a much-needed service to the residents of the Valley. We also LOVE food and are consumers of the app and of a variety of local restaurants.

We started Valley Eats as a way to bring delicious, local food to the doorsteps of people in our community. We wanted to make local restaurants accessible to all through the creation of an app that was user friendly to both consumers and partners. Valley Eats was our answer to the question, are you hungry?

We want to assure our community that Valley Eats will continue to work hard to be a source of support not agony for our restaurant partners. We will continue to operate our business on the belief the community and collaboration are always the most effective approaches to building a small business.

Thank you for supporting and eating local and for trusting Valley Eats.

Dan and Ryan.

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