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How it Started vs. How it’s Going: 2 years of Valley Eats

We cannot believe that we have officially been providing food delivery to small town Canadians for two years now. Today marks the second anniversary of Valley Eats and it has given us time to reflect on our beginnings, as two local guys who simply dreamed of having more options to choose from when looking to order in.

And that’s how Valley Eats was born. We wanted to ensure that small towns had the same conveniences that were available in big cities. We wanted to order breakfast, or Thai food, or poutine to our doorstep. And we wanted to work with small town businesses to do it.

2 years later, and our round-table dream has become a reality, to say the least. We’ve come a long way since our initial plan to bring a food delivery service to Pembroke, ON. To celebrate this milestone, we've introduced our new Valley Eats perks program so you can earn points while you eat! We will also be celebrating tomorrow (Feb 1) with free delivery across all our service areas (use code: YEAR2 at checkout).

We’re proud to look back on where we started and excited to look ahead to where we want to grow. One thing we know for sure is that we will always be committed to small town food delivery.

How it started vs. How it’s Going: Service area

As many of our original Valley Eaters know, we started our business serving the Pembroke and Petawawa area 2 years ago. We’re proud to have expanded our service area to bring local food delivery to Pembroke, Petawawa, Renfrew, Arnprior, Carleton Place, Almonte, Smiths Falls, Perth, and Brockville. We’ve got eyes on expanding into even more communities, bringing local food to the doorsteps and mouths of small-town Canadians!

How it started vs. How it’s Going: Team

2 years ago, it was just us, Ryan and Dan, dreaming up plans at a round table in the 42 Fringe studios. Today, we have 16+ permanent staff and 100+ drivers on our team. We can’t wait to grow our team even more this year.

How it started vs. How it’s Going: Mission

We started Valley Eats with a simple question: “Are you hungry?” Our mission was to make local food accessible and easy to order through our app. We wanted to bring big city conveniences to our small town. That’s still a large part of what we do today. The pandemic has certainly highlighted the other priority we have here at Valley Eats, and that is to make sure our restaurant partners are supported. We believe in collaborative success. We will continue to work hard for our restaurant partners and we will continue to expand our service so that we can work with more small-town restaurants.

How it started vs. How it’s Going: Partners

We started with local restaurant partners from the Petawawa and Pembroke area. Now, we have over 100 restaurant partners across our service areas. We have a variety of cuisines, restaurant types, and even convenience stores and bakeries. We love our restaurant partners. We are so grateful for the partnerships we have and will continue to build in the future.

How it started vs. How it’s Going: Food preferences

Poutine. It’s still Poutine. The Ottawa Valley LOVES poutine.

We want to take this opportunity, on our two-year anniversary, to say thank you to our users. Thank you for your support these past two years. Thank you for using our app and for ordering and reordering. Thank you for working us into your special occasions, your family meals, and your weekend plans. Thank you to our township, city, and community partners for helping local restaurants through our service.

Thank you to the small towns we operate in for making this two-year anniversary a special one. We will continue to focus on small town food delivery. We will continue to go where the other guys won’t. And we will continue to ask you one fundamental thing…

Are you hungry?

Ryan and Dan

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Nick Skipper
Nick Skipper
Feb 02, 2021

Awesome delivery drivers lol

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