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Become a delivery courier. Start earning. 

Courier Sign Up

Drop your details, answer a couple of questions, and we'll get you set up in the next few days.

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What's in it for me?

Deliver for Valley Eats and you'll enjoy weekly payouts, tips, performance bonuses, and earn Perks Points that get you food and cool stuff. 

How does it work?
  • Apply (10-15 minutes)

  • Hop on a call with our Team

  • Download the Courier App

  • Receive your delivery bag

  • Start delivering

What's the delivery process?
purpleicons1Artboard 3 copy.png

Get notified of upcoming order​

purpleicons1Artboard 3 copy 3.png

Verify order ID and contents

purpleiconsArtboard 3 copy 2.png

Confirm that you will pickup the order

purpleiconsArtboard 3 copy 4.png

Drive to delivery location

clockArtboard 3.png

Pickup at the designated time

purpleiconsArtboard 3 copy 7.png

Deliver at designated location

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Confirm delivery in-app

Courier Incentives

Perks Points

Earn points on every completed order and use them to purchase food, gift cards, and cool Valley Eats swag from the Driver Shop. Easily earn loads of extra points by picking up shifts, going on-call, getting good ratings,  and for being an awesome driver.

Referral Program

Once you're a driver, you can earn extra cash when you refer a friend! Receive $25 once they're hired and have completed their first order, then earn ANOTHER $25 when they complete their first month of deliveries. 

Plus, there's no cap on how many friends you can refer! 

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