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Restaurant food delivery for small-town Ontario


We asked ourselves that very question and the answer was YES, but the time it was going to take to go out and grab a bite, just wasn't in our schedule. That's how Valley Eats came to be, just asking that simple question of "Are you hungry?"

Every groundbreaking App begins with a series of small ideas that are combined into an all inclusive one. At Valley Eats, we wanted to change the idea that Big City conveniences never make it to small towns. By offering a simple and user-friendly platform that works with the restaurants, we set out to create something GREAT!


Our team has dedicated an immense amount of time and effort to ensure that Valley Eats is your mobile destination when you are hungry.

Satisfy Your Appetite

You now have access to delivery from local restaurants and stores that never offered delivery before. 

Download the app, place an order for pickup or delivery, and track it all the way from the kitchen to your door. 

Enhance Your Business

We believe in working with local businesses to bring innovation to our local communities. 

Offering delivery via mobile app allows restaurants to reach a new customer base, getting their brand into the hands of customers ready to order.

Be Your Own Boss

Valley Eats couriers have the freedom to work when and how much they want.

Plus, they earn points on every delivery and get $25 when they refer a friend. 

Sound good?

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Online shopping just got more convenient

Enjoy our newest feature of the platform, Valley Shops. 

Order more than just food now and get items from your favourite local shops and convenience store THE SAME DAY YOU ORDER THEM.

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